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I haven't been around for some years... time does go by.
Haven't done as mutch as i should, but hey.
Have a new blog with my dirty little drawings in it and decided to make a deviant about it aswell - i like to keep it apart.
Some friends call it "blog with cocks"

oh well, hope that you that is reading this is having a nice day and i'll port something. promisse, but now i really have to go to work :)
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"We hope that the students will overcome the school shortcomings and flaws with their own creativity"

That is what my college director said in a local newspaper about the lack in software - there isn't a single computer with photoshop, freehand, illustrator, quark or indesign...  nothing!!!
There are classes suspended because of that.

And there are none because the existing software had expierd their licence.

And its the students tht must solve the problem? Well, we will survive, but one thing is saving our asses, another is a proper education with the proper tools that the area demands.

It's like cirurgy with no instruments.

i'm really pissed!!
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Ok, i just saw some deviants gallerys and i was blowned away.
And it wasn't just the visual pleasure that comes from viewing great work and great tallent, but also some envy. The good kind. The kind that makes you think "i must work harder".

I lost some of my drawing rotine for the last 2/3 years... that's the truth, and i feel a bit behind of what i could be doing right now.

i think i'm getting a cold... damn this bipolar weather.
Final year at collage, i hope. After that no one knows.

Maybe Lisbon, working, taking some classes on web design related software, and then off to the UK, Germany, Spain and finaly coming back.

I don't know really.

Feeling kinda lonely.
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Last saturday, finally i got my braces. 2/3 years of discomfort, but for a good cause.

Also i've been working on some illustrations for some zines and for my personal plesure, including a series based on some characters, making some sketches for a comic in development and making some final touches in a new t-shirt... i must post some photos of them...

you can see some of the shirts in the link on my profile.
... for now anyway.
Going throug all of my DevWatch.. 600 and something.
Yes, there are a lot of work to see, but it's just great to see so mutch inspiring work.

I also put a part of some stuff made for school... not brilliant, but i'm never happy with my work, no matter what. Just hope you enjoy :)
I've been away some time. I'm still not in the 4th year (univ) but i think that, until the end of october i'll be there.

i'v not been working for deviant and i don't have any work worthy of posting (all rather weak).

4 all
hugs :)
Segunda vou tirar os dentes do siso. Alias, considera-se uma "extracção" porque envolve uma pequena cirurgia que vai limitar-me por uns dias. Apenas vou poder comer coisas frias e liquidas. Bela dieta.

Portanto, querem emagrecer, tratem dos dentes. É a melhor maneira.

Por isso vou estar ausente.

abraços a todos

...nothing happens.
Tody i was playing "zeus" when i felt the table moving. No, i wasn't delirious... the table moved. it was a small earthquake.
and that was the highlight of the day.

i'm better, thanks to some conversation and a good night sleep.

i would write more but mt time is up and i have a warm bed wating for me. there is nothing like milk and hony in bed.

until next post

i feel like there is a hole in my chest. a black hole that is sucking me inside turning me into nothing.

it feels so lonly like acid in my vains... fuck...

what is wrong with me? am i so unplesent? so ugly? so stupid?

sometimes it's like i'm just a shadow passing throug. i don't want any body that just happens to come along, i don't want vain relations, but is that all left for me?

today i'm going to sleep with a rocklike heart.
i don't whant to dry up inside.
i don't want to be alone
i have a new dog: his name is dicky.
my sister gave him the name, don't blame me. she is 8 years old and for her "dicky" is just another name.

good for her

the girl that lives next to me had a male dog named "sisy".
now that's just srewing around.

bah: but for real: i like it. i like dicky. the dog. i did't like sisy that mutch.... he was a bitch.

i'm sick and tired of my mom and dad telling me to get a part time job. i can't find one. i don't have a car so it must be near and all the jobs require some kind of experience.

but i will find one, i'm sure. u just have to shearch again.

by the way, one of witch i could do ia for hot lines... erotic... uhhhh

bubyes and thanks to all the commments :)
By watching other i realized that my work needs some more "adult feeling".
I like making kid's stuff, but it's time to show some more work besides that kind of thing... what do u think?

to lazy to say anything more.

ps: by "adult" i don't mean sex ou sexual content. it might have, but that is not the point.
I've cleaned part of the stuf in the scrap and put it in the gallery. Others, in the gallery, are now in the scrap, and others are just gone. some will come back after i work them a bit.

please see the gallery for the pictures that where moved from the scrap.

more photos later. hope to put some drawings too, althougi never know if i put them on the scrap or not. because of that, i'll put them as deviations first and only then, depending on your opinion, i'll put them in the scrap or not.

thanks for the comments :) they might not be many, but they are valued.

hugs and kisses for all
i'm with a red t-shirt today
Hoje estou com uma t-shirt vermelha

where is the library?
onde é a biblioteca?
Hoje tava a ver os sites do pessoal que prefiro e percebi uma coisa: nao tenho autoretrato. devia de ter. ou nao, nao sei.
uma coisa é certa, tem de ser alguma coisa que n seja mt trab. foto pura. nestas ocasiões gostava de ter camara digital.

tou indeciso na questao de por ou nao alguns trabs que tenho aparte. por exp, o do ursinho em blocos separados e o do katespero (a foto onde tou morto) completo.

tb tou a pensar em fazer um site só para mim mas já tou a ver que vai ser dificil. tem de ser low tec pelo menos por agora.

vou por tb algumas fotos.

tenho mt que por aqui, mas como n tenho scaner é mt dificil digitalizar.

to the people that sees this and can't understand, sorry. my english is not the best :( next time i'll make this entries in enlish too. just prove that u would like it.

that's it

ora bolas, nao sei o que raio escrever. o pessoal só vê a foto em que estou morto. é morbido.

tenho de fazer mais deste genero, tou a a ver.